Salt therapy, halotherapy or speleotherapy is the use of salt mines, caves or other forms of exposure to salt air in the belief that this offers amazing health benefits. Salt therapy has a proven positive outcome on the efficiency of your airways. Ancient Greeks knew how valuable salt therapy was to maintaining good health and this is being discovered and utilized by people today. Salt therapy can significantly help with: improving lung function; reducing the need for inhalers and antibiotics ; making your breathing easier in just a few sessions; reducing
sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath; in creasing the resistance to respiratory tract diseases; clearing mucus and sticky phlegm from the lungs; sinusitis, COPD, coughs, hay fever, ear infections; promoting healthy growth of skin; and improving general health.

The efficiency of the treatment is estimated Every breath of salty air you take, every precious micro element of salt you inhale in the salt cave every bit irreplaceable and is the most purest and effective therapy for many health conditions With the help of a salt generator device and GG Himalayan crystal salt, you are able to recreate the very special, healing microclimate of the ancient underground salt caves.